Lamitex d.o.o. is ever evolving medium-sized company, consisting of highly experienced collective in the field of lamination services of different materials.  

We offer »full service supplier« solutions to our customers.

Our main focus is developing and producing solutions for numerous technical composites, such as foam pads for automotive covers, textiles, vinyl and thermoplastic adhesives, as well as handling logistics under one roof.  

 Our flagship markets are automotive and upholstery.


About us


Lamitex d.o.o. was founded in Slovenj Gradec in 1998 as joint venture operation between two key players in automotive seat industry. Company provided sub-contractor services of lamination and coatings.

In 2017, company became independent entity with the new investor from Slovenia. Company today belongs to Promisum d.o.o. group.

We offer our customers state of the art products in the field of lamination. With knowledge and experience in different lamination technologies, cost control and quality systems are our main task in everyday operations. Through these, we constantly exceed our customers expectations in automotive and other industries. Satisfaction of our employees, partners and owners are our main objectives.

Customer is always top priority of ours. We offer products of the highest quality, services and on time deliveries. Our products are carefully measured and tested in our own laboratory, thus any non-conformity is immediately blocked. As a consequence, only products with the highest quality will be delivered.

Lamitex d.o.o. is ISO 9001 certified company